Friends on 15th Podcast

We are pleased to announce the release of our new podcast series
“Friends On 15th”! We’ll be interviewing the amazing tenants of Friends
Center along with other interesting organizations that we encounter. We encourage you to share these episodes with your community. Thank you
in advance for your support

On this episode of Friends On 15th we were joined by two staffers of Art-Reach. John Orr who is the executive director and Charlie Miller who is the director of Access Philly.
(Left to Right) Timothy Welbeck, Shakirah, Jennifer Lee & Chris Mohr
Left to right: Timothy Welbeck, Shakirah, Jennifer Lee, Chris Mohr
Left to right Chris Mohr, Happi Grillon, Yael Leiner, Shakirah Holloway (front) and Jennifer Lee

Cherice Arrington and Dena Herrin of Girls Inc. took a selfie with Chris, Jennifer and Shakirah
(Chris Mohr, Cherice Arrington, Dena Herrin, Jennifer Lee and Shakirah)