Episode 8 – Friends Child Care Center

This episode features the director of FCCC, Raechel O’neal Coates, along with the lead teacher of the Quads, Cordella Young.

Chris Mohr, Raechel O’neal Coates, Cordella Young, Jennifer Lee, Shakirah (Left to right)

Episode 6: Art-Reach

On this episode of Friends On 15th we were joined by two staffers of Art-Reach. John Orr who is the executive director and Charlie Miller who is the director of Access Philly.

Episode 5: Singing City

Rehearsals, concerts, auctions, and more! Listen in on our time spent with the executive director of Singing City, Lauren Anderson, and Cortlandt Matthews, the office administrator.

Episode 2: Girls Inc.

On this episode of Friends on 15th we had the pleasure of interviewing Dena Herrin and Cherice Arrington of Girls Inc.! Take a listen and learn how girls get started learning to run the world!

Cherice Arrington and Dena Herrin of Girls Inc. took a selfie with Chris, Jennifer and Shakirah